SB Electronics is an independent distributor of electronic components.
       Our independence is your advantage !
The company was built in 2009 with modern knowledge of the current market situation, but also with more than 15 years of experience of our team.
Our priority is not to grow fast, but to keep and to develop the flexibility, which we have on the market, into the best customized services to you.
SB Electronics supplies all kind of electronic components for production of electronic devices.
Beside our strong ability in short-term and "hard to find" supplies, we are working with all know manufacturers of electronic parts and can be also your right partner
for research&development and long-term production planning ,buffer stock keeping and supplies.
In case you don't have current demands, but you have overstock with electronic components,we can help you to transform it into capital inflow.
We can buy your excess stock or offer you consignment or commission contract and bring it profitable on the market.
This web site shows a small overview of our services,
                                      please contact us and allow us to show you what we are capable to do!

About Us:      
SB Electronics EOOD
Tel:+359 391 6 76 47
Fax:+359 391 6 76 47

Contact person:
Stanimir Botev
General Manager
Tel:+359 898 66 59 02

Hristo Botev Blvd.11A
6400 Dimitrovgrad

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